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FrankE continues on his Championship Campaign

Fantastic week in Oklahoma City - FrankE earned a 3 point AND a 5 point major! Win pictures in Photo Gallery below and on his page.

About Us

Philosophy and Mission


We are committed to our breeds for the ​long term
We have the patience to allow young dogs to grow up – both emotionally and physically – to reach their potential
We show to promote the dog fancy, MiCyn dogs and sportsmanship
We will be friends outside the ring, fierce competitors inside, and friends again outside the ring
Where some breed to win in the show ring or the field,

  • we breed to the standard to improve the breed
  • we breed to achieve perfection
  • we study genotype and phenotype to understand what is behind our dogs

We strongly believe a cornerstone to the future of the dog fancy is the owner-handler
We advocate judges judging dogs; we support judge education
Dogs are family
We love our dogs
"The dogs are my heart" - Cynthia

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Cynthia & Michael McCracken

Burke, TX

(814) 421-2946